Ashley Lyn Barone is a graphic designer, advertising photographer, and business marketer. She is a natural problem solver, loves keeping up with social trends and has a driven work ethic. She recently graduated with a BFA in Photographic Arts and Sciences specializing in Visual Media from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2018. Ashley loves typography, editing photographs, creating eye-catching designs and branding for marketing campaigns. She is very outgoing and easy to get along with. She also loves going on new adventures, exploring both national parks and cities. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries and she received the highest cumulative GPA award.


Artist Statement:

I am a versatile designer. I love to develop the overall layout, typography, and production design for advertisements, social media, and magazines. My focus is to empathize with the client’s vision. I also love taking candid, snapshot and portrait photographs that capture the essence of products and brands. My aesthetic is contemporary, bold, clean and organized, using limited color, and contrast. My medium is also using the geometrical shapes to organize and draw in the viewer. I am hyper-aware of hierarchy and the visual experience of my audience. I also really enjoy making GIFs that draw your attention. I love to work both independently and with a team. 


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